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Filmmaking is a fundamental part of Flux Motion Pictures and this is split into categories for Document, Music Promos, Short Films and Experimental.

Document contains films and articles that show real lives or events on a broad spectrum of subjects from the history of a place, the story of an unusual event or simply allowing a person to tell their story.

Music Promos are films with a clear emphasis on a song or musical track. These films might have a strong narrative like a short film but usually they are more a free-floating series of images or a setting that allows the provides visual poetry for the music.

Short Films have a narrative structures, a small story to tell or have a simple and direct theme like a punchline or a twist ending. These films are usually short, ranging from a minute stinger to a half-hour tour-de-force.

Experimental completes the categories with films that have no clear script, narrative direction or clear goal other than to experiment with the medium, with new software or new equipment.

While films that showcase the workings behind a production or behind the scenes in general can be found in Backstage, stronger documentary films might also appear in Document.

Other films can be found under Fan Films. This category is reserved more for edits of classic or contemporary cinema done in a comical, playful or inspirational way to highlight the wonders or themes within feature films.