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A Day Trip

Clickety-clack, clickety-clack.

He felt himself sway from side to side.

A nudge this way, a jolt that.

The rhythm of the engine like thunder.

The constant rumble of steel against steel.

Power pulling along lines in constant parallel.

He watched a world pass with the blink of an eye.

A world framed. Glass pressed against his cheek.

His eyes flicked to something new. Something exciting.

Then it was gone.

It didn’t matter. Everything was exciting.

Everything was new.

This was his great adventure.

One that he would never, ever, ever forget.

Motion filled his body, pulled his mind into flight.

He flew with the carriage. Swooped among the rolling hills.

The villages and towns.

Clickety-clack, clickety-clack.

He wiped the fog from the cold glass.

A small wood zipped passed faster than tree would on his bike.

He was seeing more of the world than ever before.

Everything was new. Everything was exciting.

The carriage tilted. He arced in flight over the parallel lines.

Power unbound by law.

Soon they would be there. Soon they would arrive.

But for now it didn’t matter.

The journey only made the destination more exciting.

A day at the seaside with daddy and mummy.

And little sister still inside mummy’s tummy.

Worlds never seen passed him by.

He dare not take his eyes from the window.

He dare not blink.

So many places to play. So many places to explore.

One day, he would visit them all.

The clickety-clack began to subside.

With a shunt and a screech that filled him with joy,

Little Johnny’s face was a fireworks display of sparkling teeth.

Mummy was happy too as was daddy.

The platform rose to greet them.

The carriage pulled to a shuddering stop.

Shudder. Clunk.

Johnny saw that other people looked angry at this;

But he didn’t care. He didn’t mind.

How could they not see that this was such fun.

He jumped to his feet and held mummy’s hand,

as together, they moved to the station.

Excitement building, ready to pop.

Daddy’s hand on Johnny’s back calmed his tension.

Daddy held his hand as Johnny waited and waited.

The steam burst from the engine’s stack.

The wheels whizzed for a moment. The carriages shunted.

The big green steam train pulled away from the station.

‘Don’t worry,’ daddy said, ‘we’ll go home on the train too.’

‘Daddy’, Johnny said and his father waited;

So he told daddy how one day he would be a train driver…

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Independent writer and filmmaker. Passionate advocate of science, reason and human rights. Founder of Flux Motion Pictures, my small pocket in the vast universe.

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