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LOST | Trips | Canal Walk

A short walk from Notting Hill and Paddington to Camden Town. Thrown together quickly as an experiment on a new video editing package.

This is a lovely walk and perfect for quickly escaping the urban landscape of the capital city. You can just about walk all the way from Notting Hill (close to Portobello Road), through Paddington and on to Camden Town on the other side of the city centre. There are loads of canal boats, tour boats, punts and even cafes built into boats along the way. You will also pass through the avian cages of London Zoo before reaching Camden. Of course Camden is well know for its markets and here you’ll find a vibrant place for alternative foods, arts and shops. The canal also passes through Camden with a series of locks which are also interesting to see.

Thanks for watching, more coming soon.

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Independent writer and filmmaker. Passionate advocate of science, reason and human rights. Founder of Flux Motion Pictures, my small pocket in the vast universe.

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