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The Future History of the USS Enterprise

USS Enterprise – A Federation Report | The Future History, Part 1 (Prime)

After months of searching and thinking and planning and transcoding and editing…. its finally here!

This is the follow up to my “The Death and Birth of the Enterprise”. But instead of just continuing the saga and filling in the story with the latest film, I decided to go right back and refresh the whole saga.

Now, this is part 1 of 2 and focuses on the USS Enterprise from the Prime Timeline (NX-01, 1701, 1701 Refit, 1701-A, 1701-B, 1701-C, 1701-D, 1701-E and, yes, 1701-J – because, why not).

Part 2 (Kelvin) is coming very soon! This video will include the Kelvin version of 1701, 1701 Refit and 1701-A.


Orignal Video

All credits are included in the video.
Footage and audio copyright had been stated.

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Independent writer and filmmaker. Passionate advocate of science, reason and human rights. Founder of Flux Motion Pictures, my small pocket in the vast universe.

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