A Therapy of Shadows

A Short by James FitzRoy They were all staring at me – hundreds of them – motionless in the void, the darkness engulfing us like a thick, smothering blanket. I had no physical bond yet I couldn’t move, as if frozen by their penetrating stares. What did they want from me? Suddenly, the sound of thunder shook the … More A Therapy of Shadows

Building a PC

The Set Up Time for change! I was asked by a friend to help him find components to build his new PC; both of us had been out of the ‘game’ for a while but we accepted the challenge and dove in with relish! – I had left PC building to work on the more … More Building a PC

Photography in France

A selection of photos taken in France during a winter trip with friends in 2004-2005. After the ferry crossing from Plymouth, we visited Mont Saint-Michel before continuing south along the eastern coast to a friend’s holiday home. We also visited the local town of Laval during several nights out. All shots were taken with a Sony compact digital camera. … More Photography in France

Dredd Meets Goldsmith

After the dreadful (pun intended) mess that was 1995’s Judge Dredd, this low budget version of 2000AD’s comic book anti-hero successfully captures the tone and violent action. I remembered looking forward to Judge Dredd back in the early 90s even though I had little knowledge of the source material. But it was clear to see … More Dredd Meets Goldsmith

Sunsets & Sky

A small collection of photographs taken of the sky and sunsets in various UK locations (Leeds, Frome, Warminster, Manchester). I suppose the sky and sunsets in particular will always provide a rich visual feast for the photographer, especially when the land becomes a silhouette and the light plays a merry dance with the lens.

Only Happy When It Rains

This series of shorts is dedicated to exploring a new point of view on something well known. Words by Shirley Manson, Douglas Erickson, Steve Marker, Bryan Vig © Almo Music Corp., Deadarm Music, Irving Music Inc., Vibecrusher Music 1995 Shot & Edited by James FitzRoy © Flux Motion Pictures 2014