Photography in France

A selection of photos taken in France during a winter trip with friends in 2004-2005. After the ferry crossing from Plymouth, we visited Mont Saint-Michel before continuing south along the eastern coast to a friend’s holiday home. We also visited the local town of Laval during several nights out. All shots were taken with a Sony compact digital camera. … More Photography in France

Dredd Meets Goldsmith

After the dreadful (pun intended) mess that was 1995’s Judge Dredd, this low budget version of 2000AD’s comic book anti-hero successfully captures the tone and violent action. I remembered looking forward to Judge Dredd back in the early 90s even though I had little knowledge of the source material. But it was clear to see … More Dredd Meets Goldsmith

Sunsets & Sky

A small collection of photographs taken of the sky and sunsets in various UK locations (Leeds, Frome, Warminster, Manchester). I suppose the sky and sunsets in particular will always provide a rich visual feast for the photographer, especially when the land becomes a silhouette and the light plays a merry dance with the lens.

Only Happy When It Rains

This series of shorts is dedicated to exploring a new point of view on something well known. Words by Shirley Manson, Douglas Erickson, Steve Marker, Bryan Vig © Almo Music Corp., Deadarm Music, Irving Music Inc., Vibecrusher Music 1995 Shot & Edited by James FitzRoy © Flux Motion Pictures 2014

Arrive & Depart | Star Trek | All The Teleports

The crew of the USS Enterprise have always managed to arrive and depart in style. Represented lovingly here, all the teleports used in the Star Trek movies from 1979’s The Motion Picture to 2013’s Into Darkness. No copyright infringement is intended by this just-for-fun experimental work. All owners are given their credit. All footage © … More Arrive & Depart | Star Trek | All The Teleports