To continue my series of doors and corridors in science fiction cinema, here’s the first Star Trek flick (in 1080p no less!). I’ve expanded the usual ship-bound theme a little to encompass the use of ‘alien’ themed doors and corridors from the V’ger space craft and its ‘cloud’. I’m sure I’ll get around to the rest of the Trek films eventually or maybe I’ll combine them.

As before, only footage and audio from the film was used in the making of this experimental fan short. No copyright infringement is intended, this video is not monetised and all credit is given.

Footage © Paramount Pictures, 1979
Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Edited by James FitzRoy

Star Trek Meets Doors/Corridors

Have I really done 14 of these now?! Well, here it is, another breakfast sketch. Of course you can have corn flakes any time of the day but thats a discussion that goes way beyond the simple pleasure of these sketches…

“Is there any way to make it play itself?”

What would be a most excellent free gift inside your breakfast cereal box? Something to really get the day off to a great start…

See ya after the most important meal of the day!

Games with Corn Flakes

Sunsets & Sky

A small collection of photographs taken of the sky and sunsets in various UK locations (Leeds, Frome, Warminster, Manchester). I suppose the sky and sunsets in particular will always provide a rich visual feast for the photographer, especially when the land becomes a silhouette and the light plays a merry dance with the lens.

I like playing with light in photography, finding ways to keep the shutter open to capture motion in light or just finding cool beams or reflections of light. This is my first in a series of stills I’m calling Lightworks. Shot on a Sony P100 digital compact camera in 2007 in Leeds.

Lightworks Photography Part 1

A look at the starship Enterprise in its many guises through history from The Original Series to the new Rebooted Trek. A nostalgic look back and a wry look at the destruction and the loss of life in what is increasingly mutating from an adventure into an action franchise.

Footage from:
Star Trek (The Original Series – Remastered), The Motion Picture, The Search for Spock, The Voyage Home, The Undiscovered Country, Yesterday’s Enterprise, Encounters at Farpoint, All Good Things, Generations, First Contact, Nemesis, Star Trek (2009), Into Darkness & Broken Bow.

No copyright infringement is intended by this just-for-fun experimental work. All owners are given their credit.

All footage © Paramount Pictures 1966-2013
Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Edit by James FitzRoy

The Death and Birth of the Enterprise

Photography at the Beach

During a hectic video shoot in the scorching sunshine in the depths of the Cypriot countryside, we managed to take a break by the sea to take photos and relax. This was early spring and still rather cool even though Cyprus is in the Med. Even so, we enjoyed a couple of hours to explore, shoot and try not to get (too) wet. All photographs were taken on a Canon EOS 600D with a EOS 7D pictured. A variety of lenses were used during the shoot including a Canon 18-22mm, 50mm Canon F1.4 and stock zoom lenses.


The crew of the USS Enterprise have always managed to arrive and depart in style. Represented lovingly here, all the teleports used in the Star Trek movies from 1979′s The Motion Picture to 2013′s Into Darkness.

No copyright infringement is intended by this just-for-fun experimental work. All owners are given their credit.

All footage © Paramount Pictures 1979-2013
Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Edit by James FitzRoy

Arrive & Depart | Star Trek | All The Teleports

We have been working on a new series that we are calling the Movie Rap. To start with, this film is perhaps more a prototype of where we intend to go… See what you think.

Former body-builder-turned-actor-turned-politician-turned-part-time-actor Arnold Schwarzenegger in a rap about air, what more do you need to entertain. Clips taken from one of the most inspirational goldmines for a mashup.

Footage © Carolco Pictures
Music by The Prodigy (The Trick © 1998 XL Recordings)
Edited by James FitzRoy

Give Those People Air

Has anyone noticed just how cannily Quentin Tarantino can sometimes resemble Oscar The Grouch? During an interview for Channel 4 News (UK) about violence in cinema, Quentin turned green and became the Grouch for a while.

No copyright infringement is intended by this just-for-fun experimental work. All owners are given their credit.

Clips Used;
Khrishnan Guru-Murphy interviews Quentin Tarantino for Channel 4 News
Oscar The Grouch on Sesame Street: GNN & Oscar Predictions
QTV Interview with Oscar The Grouch
Music element by Dick Dale & His Del-Tones/Misirlou from the
Pulp Fiction Soundtrack

Quentin Vs. Oscar